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This is our online platform that offers arrangement for lodging, primarily, homestays. A number of hosts and travelers choose to create account so they can list their space and book unique accommodations anywhere in the world.
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Seyari Consolidated PLC

Seyari Consolidated PLC is a registered Kenyan company that is among the best and most trusted in the real estate field in Kenya. We not only manage properties in Nairobi but across the country as well. Our website is an open platform for both buyers and sellers where we strive to become the changer in this sector.

Why buy with Seyari Consolidated PLC

Seyari Consolidated is built on a foundation of trust and effecient performance. We have a vibrant team with massive wealth in management of properties and thus can only envision to be the best in the country. With the current situation where identifying a genuine reator is almost impossible, we in Seyari work closely with the government and we're are proud to have reported a number to the government.

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